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The company seeks talents with eagerness and respect. Complete career promotion channel is set up under the talent philosophy of full utilization of talents and capacities, and broad development platform is established for the talents with lofty ambitions. The company is sincerely hunting fresh and former graduates and high-end mature talents majoring in the electrical engineering and corresponding automation (motor and electrical control fields), hydraulic machinery, fluid mechanics, and Recruitment operating talents for mechanical processing (fitter, turner, miller, planer and borer), motor workers (coil inserter, assembler, bander), electric welder, cold working metaler and CNC equipment operators.
In accordance with the law, the company has established “Insurance and housing fund” for employees, and has issued subsidies for housing and renting for new graduates and above. The company implements a five-day working week and works 8 hours a day. Under the statutory leave, employees enjoy various holidays in accordance with the law. When applying, please provide the company with a true and effective resume. The graduates are also required to provide transcripts and obtain a diploma. The medical examination should meet the health requirements.
The recruitment of the company is under the responsibility of the human resources department.
Contact person: Mr. He.
contact number: 0833-3251190,13881372866.
contact person: Mr. Liang.
contact number: 0833-3250617,15848490928.
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Company Address: Qiaogou Town, Wutongqiao District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province.
Postal code: 614802

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