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Manufacturing Capability


At present, the company has workshop area of more than 200,000 square meters, and equipped with more than 2000 units equipment. Such as NC internal and external worktable double-column 15m vertical lathe, 16m heavy NC horizontal lathe, ф220 CNC Double Column Ground Boring Machine, ф160 Floor Boring Machine, 12m Horizontal lathe, 8m Heavy-duty Planer, DK7750 CNC Wire Cutting Machine, VB825 CNC Milling Machine, 20T 10T Grooving Machine, 1000T hydraulic press, 800T punch, 100T/20T Bridge Crane and so on, has strong manufacturing capability.

15m Vertical Lathe
  • 4m×8m CNC Planomiller

  • 16m Heavy CNC Horizontal Lathe

  • 32m Long Stroke φ 220 CNC Floor Type Boring Machine

  • 1000T Oil Press

  • CNC Vertical Lathes

  • Auto-banding Machine

  • 50000 Sets of Electric Drive Assembly Line

  • CNC Machining Center