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Delegation from Uzbekistan Hydro Energy Corporation visited DEC Dongfeng

A 35 people delegation from Uzbekistan Hydro Energy Corporation visited our factory accompanied by DECI project manager Mr. Sun Jianfeng on 5th June, 2019.  

CMO Mr. Lu Zhiqiang of DEC Dongfeng escorted the delegation for the factory tour including the showroom and the main workshops. Our company history and achievement were presented to the delegation, who are satisfied with the turbine-generator units in production for the Kadirin HPP.

Location 1: Showroom

Profound history of DEC Dongfeng was presented to the delegation.

组 1.png


Location 2: Coil Workshop

The semi-finished product was being checked by the delegation.

组 1.png


Location 3: Metal Processing Workshop

The delegation was inspecting the equipment in production for Kadirin HPP.

组 1.png


Location 4: Conference Room

Watching the company advertising video for further understanding and cooperation between each other.

组 1.png


Location 5: Gate

Record the moment and hope to see you next time.

组 1.png


DEC Dongfeng worked as the subcontractor for DECI who was awarded 5 contracts for 5 individual HPPs by Uzbekistan Hydro Energy Corporation. Up to now, one of the HPPs have already connected to the grid.  To further enforce the expertise in operation and maintenance, the owner’s engineer team was sent to DEC for site-investigation and training at DEC Dongfeng, the EM equipment manufacturer for Kadirin HPP.

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